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August 3, 2006

"Project Details" - The Bridge


Second Life has its own scripting language, called LSL, which is based on C++. Scripting an object can really make it a functional tool as opposed to just an inert (although decorative) item. Scripting is also the key to adding interactivity to the things you create. So, hopefully, scripted items will also be a fun part of aloft Island as well.


Makaio is currently working on the scripting for the bridge, and I asked him to explain a little bit about this project-within-a-project:

"Im making a timed sensor cube that scans the area around the bridge. It detects if boats and/or people are present, then passes that data to the bridge itself. The bridge is going to have a tiered priority system based on its current status and the data, ie: if boats are present and no people are and its closed, it will open. If its already open, it will remain open if boats AND people are present. It will stay open if its already open for the boats, or if its closed, it'll stay closed until the people are gone."

One of the issues he ran into initially was programming the bridge to tell the difference between a regular walking avatar on the bridge, and an avatar in a boat underneath the bridge.

"Well, i didn't take into account that the scanner is going to scan the people driving the boats - so basically, its seeing a person and a boat, and not opening because of that. So what I have to do is make the scanner read agent data, and see if that person it sees is sitting on anything. And if they are, have it (the script) verify what they're sitting on is their boat, and if it is, it nulls them out of its people scan and detects them with the boat instead."

After surpassing that problem, he hit success and the bridge now functions correctly, depending on if you're simply walking over it, or trying to motor under it on your boat.

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This is simply incredible. I already shared my reactions with Cory and Mak, and am looking forward to more updates here--this is also invaluable for other developers to look at to be inspired by.

I've never stayed at a Starwood Hotel and I look forward to the aloft--and I LOVE HOTELS. Let me repeat, I LOVE HOTELS. And I LOVE SECOND LIFE. So seeing the two come together = superfantastically orgasmic.


Posted by: Torley Linden | August 7, 2006 2:00 AM

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