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August 15, 2006

The Parallels Are Fascinating... and a Bit Eery


As we proceed with the construction of the virtual aloft hotel, all of us on this project are starting to discover just how deep - and wide - the virtual and the real worlds are beginning to intersect and overlap. The parallels between what is now taking place in the virtual environment, and what takes place in the real world are fascinating... and often a bit eery to experience.

Here's one quick example:

Last night after coming home from work, I decided to log into Second Life to check out the island of aloft and to see for myself what progress was done that day on the interior of the lobby by the Electric Sheep designers. Looking at my avatar, I felt like a construction foreman checking up on his team to make sure that they were staying on schedule and on budget.

After teleporting to the island, I walked into the hotel lobby (or to be specific, my avatar did).

I expected the hotel to be empty. But instead I found Cory, Makaio, and Giff all there. As I walked in, I stood there for a moment, watching them scurrying around the room.

They were pointing to walls, moving furniture, and hanging lights. They were so busy that I don't think they noticed me at first.

What amazed me was just how close what I was seeing inside of SL is to what happens in the real world. To see the avatars actually build things inside the virtual space, like construction workers do in RL, was fascinating and - to be completely honest - a bit weird. When Makaio turned around and finally saw me, I found myself IMing to him - "Please don't get distracted by me being here. Keep working. I'm just gonna walk around to check on how things are coming along"

Until last night I had no idea that the SL designers actually design inside the virtual space as they would in a real space. To see the designers work as a group inside the virtual environment, and to be there while they were doing it, was absolutely captivating.

- Marc Schiller, ElectricArtists


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I am really interested in the development of this project and have blogged about it today. I visited the viewing platform in world yesterday and cannot believe how quickly it is all taking shape.

I am so pleased to see order being brought to areas of Second Life. Much of it is just a shambles and is so confusing. I understand that, like Myspace, this is part of it's charm for some people, but in terms of usability it's a nightmare!

Posted by: Rebecca | August 16, 2006 5:49 AM

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